No fires to be missed: KOHLER provides power protection to Fire HQ Birmingham

When West Midlands Fire Service secondary command HQ’s existing power protection device, a 3-year-old uninterruptible power supply (UPS) failed and the UPS supplier could not respond in a timely fashion. They knew they had to contact a new uninterruptible power supplies manufacturer to help source a new UPS system.

With the UPS maintaining power to the crucial servers and communication room equipment, a sudden loss of mains power could be catastrophic to the public and local commercial environments:

“Secondary command provides backup power supply to the main fire HQ’s operational capacity. In a worst-case scenario, a power loss at secondary control could have meant that all emergency calls would have been transferred to London. This could cause confusion and a delay in sending fire teams, any delay in responding to an emergency could be catastrophic. Possibly resulting in loss of life, serious injury, loss of property as well as the loss of valuable data and communications for West Midlands fire.” Explains Paul Green, Consultant Electrical Engineer for KOHLER Uninterruptible Power.

KOHLER Uninterruptible Power (KUP) had assisted on several projects with the consultancy firm;

“I had an emergency to resolve with the failed UPS power supply. I knew I could rely on leading UK UPS supplier KUP and receive a very prompt and professional response.” continued Paul

The command centre required a critical load UPS system that would support 60kVA and that would be placed on the ground floor. However, the need for an uninterruptible power supply came in as the country’s situation with COVID-19 was rife.

KUP was able to put forward a PW 8000DPA, a three-phase modular UPS system which offers incredible energy efficiency, 99.9999% availability and flexible scalability. The uninterruptible power supply supported the load of 60kVA N+1.

“At this challenging and unprecedented time, we want to serve our customers to ensure business continuity.” Rob Taylor, Sales Director at KOHLER Uninterruptible Power.

As it was only the UPS power supply that needed replacing KUP was able to utilise the existing uninterruptible power supply batteries and configure them to the new UPS system, for which Paul was very grateful.

“These exceptional circumstances with COVID-19 created a major challenge. KOHLER stepped up to the challenge and responded in the very tight time frames required.”

Working promptly, KUP factory-trained field service UPS engineers installed and commissioned the uninterruptible power supply with no issue;

“a reliable UPS company who are able to deliver what is promised by using knowledgeable staff and with excellent power protection products.”

KUP offers free site surveys with its experienced team of UPS engineers, to book yours now click here. For more information regarding any of our UPS power products or services, you can get in touch with KOHLER Uninterruptible Power via our contact page or call us on 0800 731 3269.

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