Kohler PW 9000DPA

A revolutionary rack-mounted uninterruptible power supply designed with ‘hot swap’ modules for future scalability. A transformerless UPS system with class-leading ‘six nines’ (99.9999%) power availability for demanding IT environments and data centres.


A revolutionary backup power supply offering up to 250 kVA (200 kW N+1) in a single frame, and low running costs with scalability for the future.

Advanced Decentralised Parallel Architecture (DPA)

Built on a Decentralised Parallel Architecture (DPA), each module has the necessary hardware and software for full system operation to minimise downtime and failures.

Easy to replace ‘hot-swap’ modules

True ‘hot-swap’ modularity enables the safe removal and/or insertion of UPS modules into a Kohler PW 9000DPA system without risk to the critical load and without the need to either transfer the critical load onto raw mains or remove power from the critical load. This directly addresses today’s requirement for continuous uptime, reducing mean time to repair (MTTR).

Future proof installation

Future proof installation is assured with the Kohler PW 9000DPA’s scalability and ability to supply the most demanding of modern loads.

Smallest footprint saves space

Class leading power density of 342kW/m2 significantly minimises the floor space required to accommodate the Kohler PW 9000DPA. This is particularly important in data centres where space must be maximised to accommodate revenue-earning equipment.

Maximum availability

With its six nines availability (99.9999%), Kohler PW 9000DPA maximises availability by combining the benefits of decentralised parallel architecture, parallel redundancy and ‘hot-swap’ modularity.

High reliability

The Kohler PW 9000DPA is designed to automatically operate as a parallel redundant system, ensuring that the critical load always receives the highest possible level of power protection.

Class-leading energy efficiency

This uninterrupted power supply lowers carbon footprint with 96% true online efficiency, and an input current total harmonic distortion (THDi) of <3%.

Low running costs

By delivering energy efficiency, scalable flexibility and ergonomic design, the Kohler PW 9000DPA offers low running costs and easy serviceability.

Blade friendly

Blade servers typically have a leading power factor, which can present problems to UPS systems, particularly if they are not designed to power such loads. The Kohler PW 9000DPA is designed to power all types of electrical loads, including blade servers. It can provide fully rated output power to power factors in the range of 0.9 leading to 0.8 lagging.

Additional information

Actual kVA

30-250 kVA


Three phase

Standalone / Modular


Parallelable up to

30 x modules (6 x UPS units)

Rated output voltage range

380/220; 400/230; 415/240V three phase

Working mode

Online double conversion


Up to 95.5%

Power density per m2

Up to 342kW/m2 / 428kVA/m2

Battery compartment

External battery cabinets or integrated in UPS cabinets

Maintenance bypass


Network/web interface


Volt free contacts


Input current distortion THDi @100% load

< 3%

Scalable (N+1)

Yes (vertical)

Hot-swappable modules


SEAI ACA scheme approved





Data Centres, Large Networks


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