KOHLER at the heart of Nottingham University Hospital Cardiac Centre

Nottingham University Hospital NHS Trust is home to a two-floor cardiac centre providing planned and emergency care including operating theatres and dedicated intensive care units.

The NHS Trust has been a customer of KOHLER Uninterruptible Power’s (KUP) for some time, with an original system of two PW 6000 160kVA in parallel: “KOHLER Uninterruptible Power were proactive in contacting the trust to advise that our units were coming up to their end of life expectancy, which started off the conversation on a replacement system.” the Estates Operations Officer explains

With the NHS Trust being a loyal customer, KUP were able to put forward a variety of solutions that would suit the requirement; this included a smaller capacity load, modular and standalone systems. “After reviewing all viable options we decided it would best to replace the units like for like, but with a different UPS” The Estate Operations Officer explains

Battery Bank

“It’s important our customers are advised when their critical power systems could no longer be working to their full potential, then they can make the decision on what to, do they want to keep what they have or do they want to replace?.” – Rob Taylor, Sales Director, KOHLER Uninterruptible Power

“Its beneficial for the customer to see what options they, and that doesn’t always mean the newest technology on the market, its about finding what works for them and their requirements.” Taylor explains

In May 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic two PW 6000 160kVA in parallel units were commissioned in a plant room adjacent to the Cardiac Centre. This system was installed into the existing electric infrastructure and configured to batteries onsite as they were relatively new.

“We are proud to be supporting our customers during this unprecedented time and ensuring they have continuous power.” Taylor says

The Estate Operations Officer concludes: “we continue to use KUP for their exceptional service and trustworthy advice.”

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