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What is a three-phase ups system?

A three-phase uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system is a common type of AC (alternating current) used for transmission, generation and distribution of electricity. A three (3)-phase ups system is usually used for industrial and commercial facilities including server rooms, networks, telecommunications systems, industrial processes and health facilities.

Having a three-phase uninterruptible power supply will provide a large volume and efficient electricity, as well as the continuous supply of emergency backup power, therefore mitigating the risk of a facility experiencing black out with no electricity or power surges that may affect equipment and software.

A three (3)-phase uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system is usually used for industrial and commercial facilities including server rooms, networks, telecommunications systems, industrial processes and health facilities where the feed is a three (3)-phase (400-415V) supply. The UPS protects critical and sensitive equipment from disturbances in the mains AC supply, such as frequency variations or voltage spikes and sags, as well as providing an uninterrupted changeover to back up batteries in the event of a complete mains failure.

A modern three-phase UPS system will support the critical load efficiently without consuming too much electrical energy for its own operation or generating substantial heat that then has to be removed. Often systems have inbuilt redundancy, given confidence that a single failure will not leave the system at risk at the time of an incident, and the most advanced use modular construction that allow individual modules to be removed for maintenance or repair without powering down the system or affecting the operation of other modules.

Kohler three-phase UPS

Our range of three phase uninterruptible power supply systems are ideally suited to a variety of commercial and industrial facilities. We provide delivery and support services to numerous major organisations within the UK including universities, hospitals and data centres. Our three (3) phase ups range start from 10-50kVA/kW up to 250-1500kVA/kW and can be paralleled to cover up to 6000kW of power requirements. We provide standalone, semi-modular and fully modular three phase UPSs which can be paralleled from 2-20 units.

Kohler Uninterruptible Power’s range of high quality, high performance three phase UPS systems are designed for professional, long term commercial use and are supported by early concept design experience, dedicated project managers and highly commended Field Service Engineers. From 10kVA to 6 MVA, our standalone and fully modular three phase UPS systems are used in applications ranging from biomedical research at universities to runway lights and control towers at airports, from datacentres processing financial transactions to operating theatres at hospitals.

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