100-500kVA, Three-Phase, Modular

Ideal for:  Higher load IT environments, larger data centres, pharmaceutical and commercial fit-out applications.

An innovative 5 x 100kVA modular UPS system recognised for its high energy efficiency, the KOHLER PW 9500 DPA offers pay-as-you-grow scalability combined with 99.9999% ‘six-nines’ availability. Built for higher load IT environments that demand zero downtime, even during maintenance.

Advanced features include Xtra VFI mode to give maximum efficiency in periods when loads fall and, from 2022, island / grid interaction modes for energy storage functionality.

  • Up to 96% true online efficiency
  • Eco-mode efficiency ≥ 99%
  • Hot swappable 100kVA modules

More Information

KOHLER PW 9500DPA boasts the lowest total cost of ownership in its class through a combination of high energy efficiency, scalability and ergonomic design.

A class-leading online energy efficiency of up to 96% significantly reduces system running and cooling costs, helping to reduce the organisation’s carbon footprint. Further energy savings can be made by operating the KOHLER PW 9500DPA in Eco-mode, which increases the efficiency to > 99%.

The UPS can be ‘right-sized’ to optimise the power required to match the critical load and modules can be added incrementally as the load increases. This means that you only power and cool what you need, saving power usage over the life of the UPS.

Additionally, KOHLER PW 9500DPA has a near unity input power factor at full load reducing the size of the input cable and fuses, thereby saving on materials and costs. Input current total harmonic distortion (THDi) of less than 3.5% virtually eliminates harmonic pollution on the mains supply. This saves unnecessary over-sizing of gen-sets, cabling and circuit breakers, avoids extra heating of input transformers and extends the overall lifetime of all input components.

Hot-swappable modules

True ‘hot-swap’ modularity enables the safe removal and/or insertion of UPS modules into a KOHLER PW 9500DPA system without risk to the critical load and without the need to either transfer the critical load onto raw mains or remove power from the critical load.

Industry-leading energy efficiency

With an online energy efficiency of up to 96% and up to 99% in eco-mode, this is one of the most efficient uninterrupted power supplies on the market with an extremely low carbon footprint.

Xtra VFI mode – efficiency even when under-loaded

The KOHLER PW 9500DPA features Xtra VFI mode – a smart way to minimize losses and improve efficiency when running in double conversion mode. With Xtra VFI mode enabled, the UPS automatically adjusts the number of active modules according to the load requirements. Modules that are not needed are switched to standby but remain in a state of readiness, primed to kick in and transfer to active mode if the load increases or the mains fails. The efficiency improvements are essentially significant when the load is less than 25% of full capacity.

Modular scalability

100kW modules can be added and removed with no risk to the critical load and no downtime. A truly future-proof UPS system offering horizontal and vertical growth to a maximum of 3mW.

Six-Nines (99.9999%) availability

Advanced decentralised parallel architecture and parallel redundancy provide ‘six nines’ availability with no single points of failure even during UPS maintenance.

Advanced Decentralised Parallel Architecture (DPA)

Decentralised Parallel Architecture (DPA) means each UPS module contains the hardware and software required for full system operation. They share no common components so a DPA parallel system offers extremely high availability. In addition, potential single points of failure are eliminated and system uptime is maximised. UPS modules can be paralleled to provide redundancy (parallel redundancy) or to increase the system’s total capacity.

Graphical touchscreen display

Intuitive 7” colour display provides instant monitoring with a clear overview of performance at a system and modular level.

Technical Specification

Actual kVA 100-500kVA
Type Three-Phase
Standalone / Modular Modular
Parallelable up to 6 units (3.0MVA)
Rated output voltage range 380/220; 400/230; 415/240V Three-Phase
Working mode Online double conversion
Efficiency Up to 96%
Power density per m2 Up to 335kW/m2
Battery compartment External battery cabinets
Maintenance bypass Standard
Network/web interface Option
Volt free contacts Standard
Input current distortion THDi @100% load < 3.5%
Scalable (N+1) Yes (horizontal + vertical)
Hot-swappable modules Yes
Transformerless Yes

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