10 or 20kVA, Single-Phase, Standalone

Ideal for: Vital Servers, Networks and Telecommunications

The KOHLER PW 3000/P1 solves the problem of providing economic, reliable critical power protection for larger single-phase applications. Offering the highest energy efficiency in its class, combined with a small footprint and advanced double-conversion, the 3000/P1 lowers energy costs and carbon emissions, as recognised as a growing concern among customers.

The KOHLER PW 3000/P1 can be three-phase in and single-phase out or single-phase in and single-phase out.

  • Unity power factor
  • External maintenance bypass switch connection
  • Intuitive graphical touchscreen
  • Optional internal batteries
  • Full side panel access and wheel mounted for ease of installation and maintenance

More Information

The KOHLER PW 3000/P1 is the most energy efficient UPS in its class, capable of being paralleled up to four units. The 3000/P1 offers efficiency, scalability and reliability for industrial processes, networks and telecommunication systems.


With an efficiency of up to 96.6%, it beats all others in it class.

Unity power factor

This UPS system is 100% compatible with today’s high power factor loads

Small footprint

The KOHLER PW 3000/P1 is ideal for space-limited areas in which only lower capacity units may have fitted previously.

5″ graphical touch screen display

This provides quick access to vital information about system performance for instant monitoring.

Dual feed

Providing an extra layer of redundancy.

Technical Specification

Actual kVA 10kVA & 20kVA
Type Single-phase
N+1 redundancy 10kVA or 20kVA
Parallelable up to 4 x UPS Systems
Rated output voltage range 220 / 230 / 240 VAC (Ph-N)
Working mode Online double conversion
Efficiency Up to 96.6%
Battery compartment Included in UPS cabinet
Input current distortion THDi @100% load <=4% @ 100% linear load, <= 5% @ 100% non-linear load
Input power factor @100% load >=0.99
Scalable (N+1) Yes (vertical)
Transformerless Yes
Application Small Business
Protection Typ Continuous Online, VFI
Standalone / Modular Standalone

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